Key Features

With many useful features, MYCOURTS® makes it easy for members to reserve courts and arrange games with other members, and makes it easy for Committee Members ("system administrators") to manage court bookings for club sessions, members and subscriptions, internal box leagues, payments for court booking fees.

As a result, the entire club benefits from improved court usage!

features for Members

  • Desktop booking system website.
  • App for smartphones and tablets.
  • 24/7 online court reservations from any computer or mobile phone (fully compatible with all smartphone browsers - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc).
  • On-site touch screen "kiosk" system (replaces paper booking sheets and provides additional features). Integrates with magnetic swipe-card or contactless RFID cards for member authentication.
  • Instant email confirmations (bookings, cancellations).
  • Secure access for members only (login, HTTPS/SSL).
  • For clubs with court-booking fees, each member gets a full account history showing credits (account top-ups) and debits (booking fees, late-cancellation and "no-show" fees). Members are given various payment options to top-up their accounts, including online payments.
  • Members' Directory with member profile pages.
  • Privacy Settings -- choose which contact details to show or not show to other members.
  • Cancelled court alerts - choose to be notified when specific days and times become available (in cases when the courts were already fully booked).
  • Internal "box" leagues (singles and doubles) - see who you're playing, check current results, and submit scores online!
  • Tournaments (singles and doubles) - registration, pay registration fee with booking system credit, see who you're playing on the tournament bracket, check "play by" dates, submit your match result and update the tournament bracket.
  • News & Events web pages with downloads.
  • Email settings - members can opt-in and opt-out of receiving email confirmations of their court bookings, cancellations, news & event messages, and cancelled court alerts.
  • Forgotten Password sends login details and instructions to member's registered email address.

Features for System Administrators / Committee members

  • Separate Control Panel for System Administrators.
  • "Team & Event" bookings (team matches, club sessions, tournaments, etc).
  • Repeat Bookings - reserve courts for several months at a time for regularly re-occuring events such as Club Nights (scheduling tool prevents conflicts).
  • Course Bookings - useful for tennis clubs needing to schedule tennis camps.
  • Members Database
  • Subscription Payments - Intergration with Stripe and GoCardless for payment by credit/debit cards and/or by Direct Debit for both annual and monthly payments, renewals and online enrolment.
  • Integration with GoCardless Direct Debit collection services.
  • Send login details and instructions to new (or existing) members with "pre-composed" message in just one click!
  • Extra facilities for clubs with reception desks to take bookings by phone, and to check-in members as they arrive.
  • Control Panel facilities to credit member accounts.
  • Sales reports (booking fees, cancellation fees, no-shows, member top-ups, etc).
  • Email Broadcasting (with images and attachments) to members - keep them informed!
  • Publish News & Events with downloadable files (team fixtures and results, subscription renewal forms, tournament entry forms, etc).
  • Email list management with "bounce back" reporting - keeps your email list up-to-date!
  • Internal "box" league (singles and doubles) management system with print-friendly pages.
  • Tournaments - set-up singles and doubles tournaments to show on the website for members, edit tournament rules, scoring, schedule and set-up tournament bracket with seeds/handicaps. Print bracket to print friendly page for posting on-site at the club.
  • Booking statistics and court-usage reports.
  • Download all system data as Excel-compatible files.
  • Website publishing tool (Content Management System).

Set-up / Configuration Options

  • The overall booking system will be fully customised to your most exact requirements! You can keep and implement all your clubs existing court booking rules and policies.
  • Choose any schedule of court times.
  • You can have all sorts of variations of booking fees, eg. peak and off-peak rates, junior discounts, etc.
  • We can implement any of your club's existing booking rules, such as "members can book courts 14 days prior", or "maximum 4 bookings per member per calendar week", or "off-peak membership subscriptions are restricted to booking courts M-F from 9am to 4pm", etc.
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal for online credit/debit card payments for court booking fees and annual subscription payments.
  • Integration with GoCardless for Direct Debit subscription payments in monthly installments.
  • Systematic implementation of any club rules and policies (booking rules, court booking fees, cancellations & refunds, late-cancellation fees, no-show fees): reduce late-cancellation and no-shows and improve court usage!
  • Sales Report (top-ups, bookings, late-cancellations, no-shows).
  • "Contact Us" page with Google Map and enquiry form for potential new members.
  • Fully customisable branding, integrates seamlessly with your existing website
  • Secure and compliant with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) guidance for the handling of private data (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) and with UK Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Banner Advertising - You sell the advertising space to your key sponsors, we put the banner on the booking system website, your club earns revenue.
  • No unwanted "third-party" advertisers.
  • Training, unlimited telephone and email support.
  • Upgrades & system improvements automatically installed.
  • AFFORDABLE, low monthly price, unlimited usage for all users.

All features are included and can be customised as per your requirements.

There are many other features, it's not possible to list and describe them all, but you can be assured we are constantly improving the system for the 114 clubs and 129,730 members using MYCOURTS day and night throughout the year!

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Additional Features

  • Automatic court light controls
  • Fitness Classes booking system to manage limited availability sessions such as Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, etc

100% Proven Reliability

  • 1st system established in 2005
  • With 114 clubs, 129,730 members and 1466 system administrators (committee members) using MYCOURTS in the UK and Ireland, we are leading the market with a well-established track record and proven reliability.
  • As of now (live statistics), MYCOURTS has taken 11,114,804 bookings from members, 7,172,426 bookings for teams and events, and managed 5,219,538 in court-booking fees plus another 362,677 in late-cancellation fees and no-show penalties!
  • We are constantly improving our system and service.
  • References available upon request.

As you can imagine, all these features will improve your club's court usage and bar revenues!

For more information or for a demonstration please call +44 (0)1892 530 100, or contact us.

How this court booking system works

Information Commissioner's Office MYCOURTS (HBI Consulting Ltd) is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for the handling and processing of personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

ICO Registration Number Z2086258