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Welcome to MYCOURTS

MYCOURTS is the leading Club Management solution for squash, tennis and padel clubs.

MYCOURTS makes it easy for members to book courts and share booking fees, and automatically implements your booking rules as well as cancellation and refund policies.

MYCOURTS is a complete club management solution with applications to manage Membership Subscriptions, communicate with Email Newsletters, and maximise court usage with Box Leagues and Tournaments, as well as Automatic Light Controls.

100% Proven Reliability

With 129 installations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, MYCOURTS has a well-established track record and proven reliability.

clubs 129
members 72,581
system administrators 1,168
individual bookings 16,922,879
team & event bookings 10,481,770
booking fees £10,318,229
late-cancellation fees £587,106
subscription fees £8,352,017

Last updated 17/07/2024 00:03:17

Fully Customised & Supported

MYCOURTS is not a "sign-up-and-do-it-yourself" system. You simply tell us how your club works, and we provide a complete and personal set-up service customised as per your club's requirements.

Application Features

Tried and tested applications for squash, tennis, padel, badminton, table tennis, snooker.

  • Members' Court Booking System
    • Optimise court usage with check-in/no-show and cancellation/refund policies
    • Implement fair usage policies with customised booking restrictions
    • Automatically schedule club nights, etc
    • Members can share booking fees within application
    • Court availability alerts
  • Pay & Play booking system for non-members
  • Automatic Light Controls
  • Group Session / Event Bookings
    • Club nights, group coaching, etc.
    • Manage booking fees and max places
    • Implement check-in/noshow and cancellation/refund policies
    • Automatically schedule sessions/events
  • Membership Management
    • Members Database
    • Create distributions groups for Email Newsletters
    • Membership statistics and reports
    • GDPR-compliance
  • Subscription Payments
    • Easily manage annual and monthly subscription renewals
    • Take online payments for subscription renewals
    • Allow online enrolment for new members
  • Box Leagues
    • Singles, doubles
    • Accommodates any rules and scoring system
    • Squash league results integrate with SquashSkills
  • Tournaments
    • Manage registration fees
    • Singles, doubles
    • Seeded and handicap tournaments
  • Email Newsletters
    • Compose with images
    • GDPR-compliance


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Client References / Installations

MYCOURTS is used by the best squash, tennis, padel, and badminton clubs in the UK and Ireland, as well as in The Netherlands and Namibia.



129 clubs using MYCOURTS couldn't be wrong. This is what they say.

"We have just finished our annual renewals. Your Stripe system is wonderful!"

"Great, really good addition and I have tested the various options, all of which work as expected. I will update our users and thanks again for finding time to add this."

"You'll be pleased to hear that the automatic lighting is working 100% perfectly and we've had several compliments on how easy the whole system is and no complaints, thank you!"

"The transition to the system has been fantastic so far and the membership sign up is working well for us!"

"Wonderful. I must say that we really appreciate your efficient - and friendly - support."

"I am pleased to tell you that MyCourts is going well and everyone seems happy with the new system. The reminder of your "on the day" booking is so helpful – we had a number of people who often forgot what they had booked!"

"Your system is brilliant and our members seem to be very happy with it, and we are finally making a profit on it as well which is always a bonus!"

"Brilliant service as always, thanks."

"Subscription renewals are going very well. The process has taken a bit longer this year as tennis clubs were closed up until a few weeks ago. Most members have renewed and we're also getting plenty of new membership in too, so all is great. Long may it continue!"

"Our membership renewal period has almost finished; we have asked members to renew through Stripe which you set up. I would like to say how vastly better this has been than before we joined MyCourts, when cheques and direct payments were made into our bank (we did not always know by whom!) and our membership lists were created manually. The system has done all the heavy lifting. We now have a neat list of those members who have not renewed. We now have a lovely list of who has paid, how much and when, all nicely totalled, and the system has emailed to thank members promptly each time for renewing. "

"Big thanks for all your help in getting the credits sorted and the renewals out, sent yesterday and we're already 100+ renewed. It's amazing seeing the system in operation, makes it all look so simple."

"Thank you for all your support during this most testing of years, you provide a brilliant service, many thanks."

"By the way, the automatic lighting is fantastic, so much better than faffing about with tokens and change!"

"Our booking system is working so well and making everything so much easier to manage."

"It's great that we've got lights automated, one "upside" of Covid!"

"MYCOURTS is a fantastic system and has been great for us as a club over the last 5 years or so. Great job on creating something so useful :) "

"Well done everyone... In the 21st Century at last!!!"

"Club members are still loving the MYCOURTS system. Had it now for two years trouble free with people forgetting we ever had a paper system!"

"We've had the booking system in now for a year and it's probably the best thing we've ever done."

"Honestly the feedback has been much better than I expected. The system is really easy to use from administering it to the client side. Even the anti-change brigade think it is great now!"

"Dear Miles, Our Club is going great, in part to your brilliant electronic system. So thanks for this."

"A quick note to say I've just used the "Compose with images and text formatting" facility. It's brilliant and a very welcome addition to the package."

"MYCOURTS was introduced over 12 months ago and has proven to be a simple to use, popular and reliable system amongst players - it is also the heart of our club membership system run by Nigel."

"I just want to say the new booking system is excellent and very easy to use, I would also like to say the gentleman in the shop is extremely helpful. And Betty, with whom I have been speaking on the phone on several occasions is a great asset to your club. Keep up the good work guys!"

"Hi Miles, Just a quick mail to say that the online court booking system has been a total success, everyone is up and running and praising the system. Thank you!"

"Thanks Miles. That's a great enhancement. Cancelled court alerts are a great service. Our members can select "tennis" or "squash" when they are configuring their alerts."

"Well done admin staff for moving the booking and league system forward as regards Racketball. It really is going to be so useful to see who is in your designated league without having to take a trip up the club. Love it!!!!!"

"I am using the system for our annual tournaments and it really has helped ease the admin on organising."

"Many thanks for sorting out having doubles on the system as well. At Ealing, we will be using it for our annual tournament which has been going since 1882, making it one of the oldest tournaments in the world."

"Thanks for the improvements to the site over the last year. Making a new league up is much easier now. I work in the IT industry myself so I know all that drag/drop Javascript stuff can be tricky!"

"We're using the tournament function for the first time for our club squash championships. I wanted to say how easy it has been so far, how simple members are finding it to register and the amount of admin time it is cutting down."

"Just to say that your new 'drag and drop' system [leagues admin] is absolutely brilliant and just so easy. It works a dream. I wanted to let you know. "

"I am glad to say the Online Booking has been a huge success, with the added bonus of the club banking money in advance of the courts actually being used."

"This system is a breath of fresh air, can't get enough of it. Designer deserves a gold star."

"I cannot fault it - superb! No stamps, no booking sheets - book any time from anywhere. You can get more games in with this system!"

"Light Control System and on-line booking all working well with no calls or queries from anyone - all looking good!"

"Overall the system has been amazingly reliable, everyone is delighted with it and I still get compliments now for organising the implementation and about what a great asset the MyCourts system has been for members."

"A big improvement this court booking system. I am very pleased that members outside the ESTEC firewall like me can make use of the system. The squash court booking rules have been simplified considerably."

"Just a quick one to applaud the continued improvement on the wonderful electronic booking system - it makes me laugh to think we used to have those self-carbonated sheets and a pot of tipex at the club!"

"Excellent use of booking system to facilitate member and their requirements regarding time of court booking!"

"Brilliant court booking service. Especially the Cancelled Court Alert. Very easy to use too."

"Love the booking system. Makes it easier to book league matches, too. Also like the league tables, especially the pictures so you know who you're about to play! I'd encourage everyone to upload their photo."

"The system is working very well. The positive surprises to me are the ease of member communications and the fact that we can now access the membership database without having to email the Membership Secretary."

"This has become one of the best facilities at our club!"

"You are absolutely brilliant, Miles. Although the system is off-the-peg, we seem to be getting just what we wanted for the website."

"Very positive response from our members - even from the technophobes - to the on-line booking service and integrated website. The site is clean, clear and easy to navigate."

"Service has been excellent all the way through. Miles has been extremely patient answering all our queries both during the setting up period and after."

"The ability to book on-line and not make a wasted journey to the club is very welcome."

"Works perfectly on computer, tablet or phone."

"Excellent - huge improvement over manual system!"

"Very nice, thank you for the development [Tournaments Organiser]. It is good to see mycourts is still progressing."

"Thanks Miles, we will use the Tournament Organiser for the forthcoming Giffnock Annual Club Championships."

"The club is doing very well, and membership has increased since the introduction of the online booking system, people come to play more often now, seeing that the whole procedure has been simplified. The club is obviously competing with other sports which are more popular, but for the moment we are on the up, and hoping to keep it that way. Your site and the administration system is great, to say the least… Hope that this partnership will only grow in the future!"

"We've had a number of positive comments regarding the new layout on the touch screen kiosk booking sheets. Good job!"

"We have only received good feedback and have had an amazing reaction to the website and booking system. It's a great addition to our club!"

"Thank you for this AWESOME and BRILLIANT booking system and website!!"

"Your system and service is excellent."

"Excellent... Can't fault it..."

"Just wanted to let you know what a good job you've done with the online booking and members' area. It is so easy to use and works brilliantly... Well done!"

"Great system Miles. Well done."

"Miles, Thanks for the swift response; I had my Safari settings to NEVER accept cookies. Changing this allows me to now log in as per my laptop! Thanks again, brilliant, I can now see court availability whilst on the move; great system!"

"Just to let you know that both the squash and racketball leagues are operating brilliantly on the system and I don’t think I have heard one word of complaint about them – everyone thinks it is great."

"The online booking system has shown a record level of squash and indoor tennis court usage during January."

"This is an excellent Internet system. Interactive, very user friendly and bullet proof. It just works really well! "

"This works very well. I just topped up my account with £20 from my PayPal account and got confirmation from both PayPal and MyCourts."

"The court booking system is fantastic and impossible to fault."

"Thanks for all your help Miles – much appreciated. I stand by my previous offer of being a reference site for any potential MYCOURTS customers – everyone here is delighted with the system and all I seem to get are compliments about it!"

"With absolutely no hesitation I would recommend There is quite a lot of info on the web-site. The proprietor is Miles Montelius and it is him you always deal with. There is masses of functionality and it is really beautifully thought through. I implemented it in 7 weeks from a standing start and we've just not looked back. We are one of his biggest implementations. You get a lot more than just a booking system - its like Dr Who's Tardis! You get a members database, so you can control membership subscription renewals. That controls the court booking module and the members directory. All of this is web-based and can be accessed from mobile devices as well as PCs and Macs. There is also a web-site builder which we have used massively to build and maintain our 200 page site with live links to all sorts of other sites for weather, photographs, Ropey Ladder. And you also get a really good email broadcast facility which integrates with the web-site. There is quite a lot of functionality which we have not decided how to use yet. You get instant support and new functionality developed for us and other clients."

"Hi Miles - Just to let you know that the first month of having the squash leagues on the MYCOURTS system has been a roaring success. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and not one moan from anyone. We definitely seem to have had more matches played and not having any paper sheets does not seem to have been a problem at all."

"The new booking facility is just what I needed! And I’m very glad you’ve put the option in to deselect dates at the same time as adding them in for events, that makes my life a lot easier."

"Thanks for making the change to allow multiple cancellations in one go. I used it yesterday and it makes things much easier."

"Apologies for the apparent tardiness of the feedback. I wanted to ensure the system was firmly bedded-in before formally assessing. I also admit to a certain amount of initial trepidation as some of our members appeared forever wedded to quill pens and paper booking sheets.

However, now three months in, I can safely say the system has been a resounding success. The simplicity of operation quickly won over the doubters and even the most luddite are now advocates. It also appears to be a permanent feature on most members' iPhones.

OK the system was well tried and tested UK-wide but even so it had to be sold to our members. And it was here that I found your personal input most rewarding. You shared the experiences of others, what worked well and what, perhaps, less well. You also suggested and took on board minor tweaks to tailor and ease implementation for the audience.

So all in all - a simple but effective system which was extremely well, and patiently, supported by your good self for which I am in your debt."

"So far no problems have been reported from members, and I have had a few telephone to say it is working well. That the introduction has gone so smoothly is down to the thoroughness of your preparation and the help you gave in helping us establish the procedures."

"Log-in details received - I've booked a court for Monday evening. What a great, easy to use system."

"Excellent! Simple and easy to use..."

"Miles - Thanks very much – if you ever need a recommendation for future business please feel free to use me and the Club as a reference."

"Online Squash Court Booking – Over 572 bookings have been made so far this month and the stystem seems to be very beneficial to most members judging by the feedback we’ve received. The Tennis Committee are so impressed they have asked to trial it on the indoor courts from 1st August. Using this system you can now update your own details and view other members details as well as competing in Squash and Racketball leagues."

"Online booking for squash went live last April and not only worked extremely well from day one but, with very few exceptions, was well received by members. There have been one or two refinements and upgrades to the system since, mostly thanks to helpful feedback from squash players. More recently, online payment via Paypal and credit card went live as phase two of this exercise. Thanks to ... for pushing this through. It’s made life so much easier, not least for the guys behind the bar who are now having to sell far fewer vouchers."

"It's been a good addition. Easy to use from home, club & mobile. Like the online racket ball league."

"From my point of view it's fine."

"Yep it’s good … or will be once I’ve remembered my log in details. Good to be able to book and check availability from a distance."

"Excellent - nothing negative."

"Have to say that I had reservations to start with but I can see now that it works very well. All in, an excellent addition that also seems to have more games being played."

"I think the system is very good and a great improvement on the previous set up. I cannot believe anybody has any misgivings with it."

"Works well, good move."

"It's brilliant."

"My overall impression is good, a big improvement."

"Good system, great advantage to be able to book from home."

"Nothing negative - definitely an improvement if you are trying to book remotely."

"I think it is a great idea - saves all that having to go down to the club to see if there is a court free. The instant access to court availability is a big plus for me as well as the member info. Overall a good addition to the club."

"I think the new booking system is excellent - simple to use and, most importantly, I can make bookings and arrangements as and when I please. It makes the whole process of contacting fellow league players and arranging suitable court times so much easier than in the past as you can see and discuss available times as you are in contact with your opponent. Overall, I would give the new system a very positive review."

"Brilliant should have done it years ago, used it many times and so far so good."

"I have only used the booking system once but I found it very straight forward. I don’t live in Ashtead so coming down to book a court was always a drag. This system, I am sure, will make me and others play more because of the ease in booking courts now. I think it is a very positive addition to the club."

"I think the court booking system is fine, easy to use. I can book courts from the comfort of home. No complaints from me."

"Really good court booking system."

"I think the booking system works very well. The notifications to members about news and events are satisfactory."

"I’ve used the system twice now to book tennis courts and found it’s worked well both times. The new system allows one to check availability immediately and saves an unnecessary trip to the club. I definitely feel the innovation is a positive one."

"So far I think it has been great, so much easier now to arrange a game, should have happened earlier but better late than never."

"I think it's brilliant... much easier."

"I think it has been a great success. The change to this sort of system was long overdue."

"A positive step forward."

"I think this has been a brilliant addition - it really does make booking and seeing what is going on in general, a lot easier- including contacting people."

"I think that the new system is brilliant - so much easier being able to book over the Internet."

"I was a little dubious at first but am now completely in favour of the system. As personal time gets less these days the on-line system of booking is a godsend."

"Everyone likes the system and I haven’t had a single complaint so far. They are saying it’s very easy to use and they can see what courts are available without having to drive to the club."

"Just to say I am very impressed with the new booking system. It is easy to use and does everything you would expect. It is exactly the sort of facility one would expect from a modern club. So congratulations on a job well done."

"With the introduction of the MYCOURTS online court booking system and the provision of light meter override keys we now have the cheapest squash in the area. Consequently, we have attracted a lot of new members to our ranks. We have also seen a big increase in the amount of squash being played. The court usage has doubled since the booking system was introduced. These increases have not gone un-noticed in the club's management committee."

"Fantastic application, works everytime."

"Well done Chaps!! I am sure you are used to people moaning about stuff, but to make a change: I’ve just used the new system to alter a court booking. Totally brilliant!!"

"Just to say that I have added a few members, etc. this afternoon. I have to say I am very impressed!! Now that is saying something from me ;)"

"George has now become the "Bill Gates" of ASTC... LOL"

"Thank you, I just thought I'd give you some feedback. The new system is fantastic, easy to use and works great. It will make me use the club more as booking courts by going to the club has been difficult and a pain for me. The new system is great, great to see the improvements."

"This is amazing - I have online bank accounts that don't work as well. Works perfectly on my mobile (Nokia 6630) as well. Really well thought out and user friendly. Thanks."

"This booking system is a revolution. Gone are the days of phoning the club with diary in hand. Everything is at hand to view remotely rather than having to ring or go to the club. I cannot fault it. Now you have developed this super system, perhaps you can help me develop my game a bit !!"

"Hi, I must say that this system is excellent!!!"

"You have done a fantastic job with this system. My job involves briefing and working with a wide number of developers and this is one of the most robust and simple-to-use systems I have come across. Combine this with the touch screen system at the club and TWSRC now has a 21st century booking system. Why any club would persist with a paper-based system after seeing the benefits of your system is beyond me."

"Simple and easy to use, Fred found it easy as well!"

"Fantastic!! You can book a court in minutes from anywhere in the world. You need not have to make a special visit to the club to arrange a game... I cannot understand why every club does not have one. A brilliant system."

"This is simply a great and efficient system. All the information you need and an immediate confirmation. Faultless in my eyes."

"I think it is terrific and I have no end of praise for it. There is no comparison with the old paper system. The biggest plus is being able to book or cancel while anywhere in the world but there are many other advantages."

"Absolutely superb. It has completely transformed the process of arranging league excuse now for not completing those games! Many thanks."

"Excellent and simple booking system, even I can use it!"

"Excellent system. Easy to follow and use. No more journeys to the club only to find no slots to book! I really like the email alerts for cancelled courts feature."

"I love the revamped system!"

"This system is easy to use, quick and efficient. I don't know how we managed before we implemented it."

"This is a great help as it links in very well with e-mail contacts and bookings. Helps me plan in advance and the 'immediacy' of checking availability when one is mostly accessible to the web."

"It's a great system!"

"This is an excellent booking system. It's so easy to use and by far the best I have used out of my last three clubs. It has really made the club accessible to members who don't live or work close to the club. Well done!"

"The whole concept is excellent. Given just about universal computer access to the squash playing fraternity this method leads to an equal and fair access for all members. The instant availability of court and general club information, immediate booking and confirmation with opponents has moved the whole process into the 21st century and is to be thoroughly recommended."

"Having got used to the system I just have to let you know how BRILLIANTLY FAB it is!! Really great and its transforming the club by the day… So thanks so much and best regards."

"This is fantastic.....very easy to use.......even Mike M could do it!!!"

"Much better system not only can you make and check bookings but you can cancel them should plans change. Hopefully this system is here to stay."

"This is an excellent booking system and a significant improvement over the previous manual system. It would be difficult to imagine reverting after the 3-month trial is up."

"I think that the system is a huge step forward - I would ask members to populate the mobile number on their respective profiles - most of these numbers are available in the club so it would make things easier when booking courts."

"Fantastic. Easy, efficient, accurate."

"I have just looked at the newly launched online booking system - it looks amazing. Well done to one and all."

"The system is fantastic well done!"

"I think this system is really good and very well thought out. Well done."

"This is a great system. Really easy to use and looks fully integrated into our main site. Well done all those involved!!!"

"Absolutely brilliant no complaints from me. I find it easy to use and it's much quicker to book courts and cancel them than phoning the club or having to go there in person. As I live on the North side of Coventry this can be a bit of a nightmare. I've also noticed that courts are easier to get now as there are penalties for cancelling at short notice so people are not just stickering courts all over the place and then not turning up for a game as they used to do before. The cancelled court alert is also very useful. Keep up the good work!!"

"This is a great system. Really easy to use and looks fully integrated into our main site. Well done all those involved!!!"

"Feedback continues to be very good about the system and the ease of use. I'm sure our members will be pleased to know that you have been able to act on their feedback. Thanks for taking our suggestion board."

"Miles, Fantastic feedback from all our members. System simple to use and always works. It has made everyone's squash easier to organise..."

"The feedback from the first month has been nothing but praise for the system. The members are delighted with how easy it is."

"Not yet booked a court but have logged on and topped up my far so very very good - well done to all concerned. This is so much better!!!"

"Have now used the system fully to actually book a court, it's superb well done to those that set it up!!!"


MYCOURTS was developed by Miles Montelius who is also a member of the Tunbridge Wells Squash Rackets Club.

Miles is the owner of HBI Consulting Ltd, a company specialising in the development of bespoke web-based data applications and devoted to the ongoing development and support of MYCOURTS.

Miles Montelius

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