Activities Scheduling And Bookings

MYCOURTS can be extended with an additional "Activities Scheduling and Bookings" module to allow clubs to schedule "off-court" group sessions and manage the reservation process where places may be limited -- eg aerobics, spinning, etc...

The Activities module uses the same members database and accounts to manage activity booking fees, cancellations and refunds, and it is fully integrated into the MYCOURTS Website, Control Panel, and "Kiosk" interfaces.

  • System Administrators use the MYCOURTS Control Panel to create activities (name, description, instructors, venues) and then to schedule the activities with a date, start time, instructor, venue, maximum number of places, and a booking fee - if any.

  • Members will then find the scheduled activities on both the website and "kiosk" system on-site at the club.

    • On the Booking System Website, the scheduled activities are shown on the booking sheets (below the court booking sheet) with a link to "book now".

    • On the "kiosk" system at the club, the scheduled activities are shown on a separate menu button for "Activities".

When members book an activity, the process automatically deducts the booking fees from the members' booking system accounts and shows their activity bookings together with their court bookings in the same account history.

The Activities Module can be customised to automatically implement late-cancellation and no-show policies -- please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Although the Activities Module is fully integrated into the MYCOURTS booking system, it is only available as an add-on module for clubs already using the court booking system.