How this court booking system works

MYCOURTS is a very easy-to-use and easy-to-implement web-based court booking system for squash and tennis clubs.

The complete booking system consists of three separate applications working together.

Members can reserve courts from any computer or mobile phone (there's also a separate WAP website for older mobile phones). Members without computers or mobile phones (or unwilling to use these devices) can use the dedicated touch screen "kiosk" on-site at the club to manage their court bookings.

There's a separate Control Panel for System Administrators (usually Committee Members) to manage court availability (team matches, club nights, etc), membership and subscription renewals, and the members' access to the booking system. The Control Panel includes many other essential features such as broadcasting email messages to members, setting-up and managing internal leagues, publishing "member-only" News & Event notices on the website, and publishing publicly accessible web pages with the built-in Content Management System (CMS) to promote the club to prospective new members.

More than just a booking system!

Conceptually, the MYCOURTS booking system is designed to give members access not just to managing their court reservations, but also to facilitate communication amongst members, so that members can contact each other and make arrangements to play. As such the MYCOURTS booking system includes an Internal League Management system which is fully integrated with the secure Members' Directory.

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