Control Panel for System Administrators

MYCOURTS ® features a special Control Panel to make the system easy to manage for System Administrator(s). The Control Panel is web-based, allowing System Administrators (usually Committee Members) to manage all aspects of the booking system from any computer at home, work or on holiday.

The Control Panel features can also be separately restricted and delegated to different System Administrators. Which features depends on your requirements and how we set-up the MYCOURTS booking system for your club.

Court booking features for system administrators

  • Team & Event Bookings
    You can book courts for team matches, tournaments, or any other events for which you would need to reserve the courts before they become available to be booked by members. System Administrators can book these events as far in advance as necessary!
  • Repeat Bookings
    The Control Panel includes a special tool allowing System Administrators to schedule and reserve courts for "repeat" bookings, which re-occur regularly on the same courts every week (eg. Club Nights). This is most useful for tennis clubs with many scheduled sessions such as mini-red, mini-orange, improver sessions, group coaching sessions, team trainning, etc...
  • Course Bookings
    With just a few clicks, you can book courses and holiday camps within a selected date range. For example, you can book courts 1,2 and 3, every Thursday from 3.30pm to 5pm and from 1 September to 20 December 2022.
  • Reception Desk Booking Sheets & Check-in facility
    The Control Panel includes a separate set of booking sheets which can be used by receptionist to book or cancel courts for members. The booking process applies the same rules as if the member were actually booking the court online (booking rules, credit, etc).
  • Late-Cancellation & No-Shows
    These are found either at the bottom of the booking sheets, or on a separate report. System Administrators, with a separate permission, can refund any late-cancellation or "no-shows" fees.
  • "No-shows".
    The MYCOURTS booking system can be configured to track no-shows, and to implement an effective policy to reduce and eliminate no-shows. 
  • Booking statistics
    Yes, you will find monthly court booking statistics in the Control Panel, and you can download all the bookings data as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Top-up Vouchers
    When systems are set-up for members to take booking fees, members top-up their accounts by purchasing top-up vouchers (usually from the club bar). The designated System Administrator(s) can generate new top-up vouchers and print them to be sold at the bar.
  • Credit Members
    Alternatively, System Administrators can credit a member's account for any amount.
  • Sales Reports
    The Control Panel includes a full sales report.

Member-Administration features

This part of the Control Panel provides several features to manage membership renewals and expiration, and to control which members have access to the booking system.

  • Members Administration
    Add new members, update member details, send a member his or her login details, check the membership expiration date, set the members as either "active" or "inactive" to control overall system access.
  • Subscriptions and renewals
    The Control Panel can be used to manage subscriptions and renewals. Subscriptions payments can be recorded in the database. The membership secretary or club manage can find
  • Applications & Registrations
    Automated process to approve (or reject) member registrations or new members applications.

Additional Control Panel Features

In addition, the MyCourts Administration System has several additional features which have been developed specifically to address the needs of UK squash and tennis clubs.

  • Email Broadcasting
    In just a few minutes, System Administrators can compose and send (broadcast) and email message to members. There's no need to maintain a separate mailing list, as members can update their own email addresses on the system (1). The complete system includes bounce back management with quick links to update member email addresses.
  • Internal "Box" Leagues
    The System Administrators can set-up internal "box" leagues, which are then published on the booking system website. There are several useful features, including an already-formatted "print-friendly" paper version to post on the club bulletin board.
  • Tournaments
    As a System Administrator, you can set-up tournaments to show on the website for members, and provide all the tournament details (format, scoring, registration deadline, schedule) and also set-up the initial tournament bracket with seeds/handicaps - you even get a print-friendly page to post the bracket ("draw") on-site at the club! Members can then login to the booking system website, see who they're playing, arrange their matches, and submit the match results to automatically update the online tournament bracket.
  • Web Page Publishing (Content Management)
    No need to maintain a separate website, MYCOURTS includes a built-in Content Management System (CMS) for System Administrators to publish and edit pubicly accessible web pages to promote their clubs. No technical skills are required -- if you can use Word then you can publish web pages!


(1) The email broadcasting system is fully compliant with Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.