Set-up / Configuration Options

With many configuration options, the MYCOURTS booking system is very flexible and can be set-up and configured to replicate (and improve!) most paper-based booking sytems. Each system is individually configured for the club's requirements.

As the leading supplier of court booking systems in the UK, we have proven our ability to accommodate even some of the most quirky court booking policies! We understand that your booking rules will have evolved as a fair usage policy, and that your rules will be well established. We are willing to implement your policies with the MYCOURTS booking system in order to provide a seamless transition from paper to online.

In addition to replicating your existing court booking policies, the booking system includes many features and configuration options which can help a club reduce (or eliminate problems with) late cancellations and "no-shows" and to maximise court usage.

Here are some examples of configuration options which may (or may not) be relevant to your requirements.

  • Number of courts
  • Court start times (each court can have it own times)
  • Number of days members can book courts in advance
  • Various "release times" for newly available courts
  • Variable booking fees with peak and off-peak pricing. Junior discounts, etc
  • Late-cancellation and "no-show" policies
  • Various payment solutions for members to credit their accounts, including integration with online payment gateways.
  • Implementation of club rules and policies (booking rules, court booking fees, cancellations & refunds, late-cancellation fees, no-show fees)
  • and much more...!

Late-Cancellations and No-Shows

We can automatically implement your club's court booking policies. When clubs charge court booking fees, they usually have a refund (or no-refund) policy which can be set-up within the MYCOURTS booking system.

  • Full refunds can be automatically given if the court is cancelled more than a given number of days or amount of time in advance.
  • When cancelled at short notice, the system can apply a late-cancellation fee. If the cancelled court is eventually rebooked, the system can automatically refund the late-cancellation fee. The late-cancellation fee does not need to be the same amount as the booking fee.

Booking Rules and Restrictions

The MYCOURTS booking system can implement your booking rules and policies to make the system fair to use for all members and, if necessary, to prevent any abuse. The processes can be individually tailored to suit your requirements.

  • How many days prior are members allowed to book a court?
  • Are there any exceptions?
  • Are there any restrictions?

Integration with your club's existing website

The booking system website can easily be integrated with your club's existing website.

Alternatively, if your club doesn't have a website (or needs an easy-to-use solution to manage an existing website), then the booking system website can include web pages (so that you can promote the club to prospective new members) which can be edited by System Administrators (via the Control Panel's Web Pages Content Management System).

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