Booking System Website

The MYCOURTS booking system provides your club with its own state-of-the-art court booking website.

Each member is given a username and password so that your booking system website is only accessible to club members.

Once logged-in, members can book courts, cancel courts, update their contact details, change their password, and choose whether or not they want to receive automatic email notifications when they book or cancel courts.

Members can also subscribe to Cancelled Court Alerts in order to receive an automatic email notification when courts are cancelled at short notice.

Booking fees and Member Accounts

If the system is configured to manage booking fees (and late-cancellation fees), then the booking fees are shown on the booking sheets.

Each member has an account, and members must have credit in their accounts in order to reserve a court. There are various options for members (and System Administrators) to credit their accounts.

  • Online Payments (account top-ups)
    The system is fully integrated with both PayPal and SagePay, both secure online payment gateways. When members purchase credit, the payments are securely processed by either PayPal or SagePay, and the members' accounts are automatically credited. These online "top-ups" are subject to transaction fees. Please contact us for further information.
  • Top-up Vouchers
    Members can also credit their accounts by purchasing a top-up voucher from the club (these are usually sold at the bar or by designated Committee Members). Top-up vouchers are generated and printed by System Administrators with the Control Panel. As such, there are no transaction fees with the top-up voucher system.
  • In addition, the Control Panel allows designated System Administrators to credit (or debit) a member's account. This can be useful for clubs without facilities to sell top-up vouchers, or for debiting "ad hoc" tournament fees, for example.

Features to improve court usage

Conceptually, the MYCOURTS system was created to make it easier for club members to arrange games amongst each other. As such, the MYCOURTS booking system includes a Members' Directory, Internal "box" Leagues and Tournaments. Whether playing a "friendly" or a competitive match, members can use the website to contact each other and arrange their games!

  • Members' Directory (2)
    Each member has a personal "profile" page within the Members' Directory, and each member can choose which contact details (phone number and email addresses) are shown to other members. In addition, members can upload some "profile" images, and they can choose whether or not to show their league positions and other members they have played.
  • Internal "box" leagues
    Members can check their league positions on the website and, as the leagues are fully integrated with the Members' Directory, players can contact each other to arrange their matches. New! Players can now submit their match results online, the system automatically updates the league sheets!
  • Tournaments
    Members can register for tournaments and pay for the registration fee (if any) with their booking system credit and, once the tournament bracket has been published (by the system administrator), they can see who they're playing, contact opponents with the Members' Directory, see competition rules, play by dates, and submit match results to automatically update the tournament bracket and place the winner into the next round.

System preferences for members

Each member can individually choose some settings to customise their own use of the booking system.

  • Cancelled court alerts
    When courts are fully-booked, members can opt-in to receive "cancelled court alerts" for specific times and days of the week.
  • Login details
    Members can change their login details at any time.
  • Email Settings
    Members can choose whether or not they want to receive an email confirmation when they book and cancel courts, and they can opt-in (or opt-out) to receive emal updates (news, events, notices, etc) from the System Administrators1, and automatic alerts when courts are cancelled.
  • Contact Details and Privacy Settings (2)
    Members can choose which contact details (phone numbers and email address) to show in the Members' Directory.
  • Private details (2)
    Members are prompted to keep their paper mailing address up-to-date for the Membership Secretary or Club Manager. The address details are not otherwise available to other members on the booking system website.

"User-Friendly" features for members

  • "My Bookings"
    Members can check their own bookings separately, and will also find bookings by other members who have nominated them as an opponent.
  • Forgotten Password
    The booking system website also includes a Forgotten Password process, so that when members forget their login details, they can retrieve their username and password without further assistance from a System Administrator.
  • Very simple, "user-friendly", web pages
    The booking system website is deliberately designed for members of all ages, even the most resilient technophobes will find the website very easy to use!

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(1) System Administrators can use the Control Panel to broadcast email to members.

(2) The booking system is secure (only accessible to members) and fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) guidance for the handling of private data (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations).