Touch screen "kiosk" booking system

The MYCOURTS booking system has a special touch screen "kiosk" interface that can be used for members to book courts on-site at the club. To set-up a dedicated booking system "kiosk", you can use either a touch screen monitor and a PC, or an "All-in-one" touch screen computer, or simply a computer and a mouse. Alternatively, we can install the system for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

"Kiosk" booking system features

Members use their PIN numbers to book and cancel courts with the kiosk system.

If the system is configured for court-booking pre-payments, then members can also use the touch screen to top-up their accounts.

The touch screen interface includes the following features.

  • Booking sheets: book a court or check bookings
  • Cancel (an existing court booking)
  • Check-in: to confirm court usage - this features allows you to monitor "no-shows" (optional)
  • Light controls (optional / additional feature)
  • Top-up / credit your account with a top-up voucher
  • "My bookings": enter your PIN number to view all your bookings; select opponent for booked courts or cancel a court.
  • Members Directory: get contact details to arrange those league matches!
  • Leagues: check your leagues, arrange your matches (optional)
  • News & Events
  • Club web pages (optional)
  • Booking rules
  • Help

"Kiosk" set-up and Installation

We can supply and install a complete touch screen system for your club, or you could install your own, or use a local IT network contractor. If you choose to install your own system, we will provide you with complete set-up instructions and support.